National IT Centre for the Blind

Technology Centre for the Blind - logo Head of Centre:
RNDr. Hana Bubenickova

Chaloupkova 7
Brno - Královo Pole
Postal Code: 612 00
Czech Republic
phone: + 420 541 240 421
fax: + 420 541 240 419
e-mail :

National IT Centre for the Blind is a specialised centre of Czech Blind United. Its activities include practical application of IT technology for the blind & visually impaired, and web design services. The centre closely cooperates with Tyflokabinet, an adaptive equipment centre, and with the Digitisation and Technical Support Department, which administers the digital library of books and magazines, and provides technical support to clients in Bohemia as well as to the Head Office of Czech Blind United.

We undertake the BLIND FRIENDLY WEB project - an Internet portal of Czech web pages accessible to blind users.

National IT Centre for the Blind:

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With Tyflokabinet, the centre cooperates in:

We are responsible for development and maintenance of the information system within the framework of the INTERNET FOR THE DISABLED project. We also offer web design and internet presentation services to NGOs and civic associations providing services to people with disabilities.

For the BLIND FRIENDLY WEB project, we assess the accessibility of Czech web sites to the blind and partially-sighted, we update the guidelines for web designers, and we publicise this Programme at exhibitions and events relating to the Internet.

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