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To: the European Blind Union & the World Blind Union

Czech Blind United (SONS) Communication (to be kindly included in EBU & WBU News Bulletins)

Dear EBU & WBU friends,

On May 26, 2011, Czech Blind United (SONS) held its biennial General Assembly in Prague, the Czechlands. 102 delegates representing over 10,000 individual members elected the new governing bodies of the association: President, VicePresident, Council of the Republic and Supervisory Board.

The new President, Mr. Václav Polášek and the new VicePresident, Mr. Rudolf Volejník have both declared their readiness to use their knowledge, experience and skills in order to continually advocate and promote legitimate interests of the visually-impaired in the difficult years ahead. "We are looking forward to even closer cooperation with organizations of and for the blind all over the world," says Václav Polášek who also serves as member of the EBU Board.

Done in Prague, May 29, 2012
Rudolf Volejnik, VicePresident, Czech Blind United

At the very beginning, we provided BBS named "BraillNet"; Internet server has been available only for a short period of time. Both servers are currently interconnected. BBS users can make full use of several Internet and E-mail services. Our server offers also FTP archive that corresponds to the library of digitized texts in BBS. Both servers are intended for blind and handicapped users. Books are obtained either directly from various publishing houses or digitized in our centre.

Computers, software and Internet services have been still financially hard to obtain, especially for the group of severely handicapped people. Therefore, the project "Internet for handicapped" came into existence. It is aimed at improving communication between handicapped person and the rest of the world through Internet and is supported and sponsored by many of our important Internet providers. Handicapped people were given the possibility of connection for a token charge; humanitarian organizations can present themselves through their WWW pages. Information service for handicapped people prepared by our centre will be also soon available through our server.

Write us:e-mailinternationaldep@sons.cz

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