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Brief Introductory Information
Czech Blind United was founded on June the 16th, 1996 when 65 duly elected delegates of Czech Blind & Partially-Sighted Union and 65 duly elected delegates of Society of the Blind & Partially-Sighted of the Czech Republic met in a common general assembly and unanimously decided to found a unified national organization of the blind of the Czech Republic, called Sjednocena organizace nevidomych a slabozrakych Ceske republiky(Czech Blind United).

The Founding Charter (Constitution) of Czech Blind United adopted by the Founding General Assembly was registered with the appropriate government authority on July 3, 1996; thus, the organization has been officially recognized.

The motto of Czech Blind United says: "We are not an organization deciding and acting on behalf of the blind; we are blind citizens deciding and acting for ourselves. We act on the following principles: self-reliance, partnership, solidarity, respect for human dignity, freedom of choice, common sense."

Being the officially recognized successor of all nation-wide organizations of the blind of this country (Article I., Section G. of the Constitution),Czech Blind United "shall represent the Czech blind in the European Blind Union and the World Blind Union as a national member of the respective international organizations." (Article I., Section E. of the Constitution).

Czech Blind United provides many highly professional services in various blindness-related fields. In the following pages you will find the most illustrative examples of our activities. Detailled information Special centres and Others organizations.

Should you wish to contact us, do not ever hesitate to do so. Here, for your convenience, follows a list of some of the CBU's leading representatives:

Czech Blind United
Krakovska 21,
110 00 PRAHA 1
Phone: + 420 221 462 462
Fax: + 420 221 462 461

Mr. Václav Polášek
Phone: + 420 221 462 462

Mr. Rudolf Volejnik
Phone: + 420 221 462 469

Mr. Viktor Dudr
Head of National Centre for the Elimination of Architectural and
Transportation Barriers
Phone: + 420 221 462 442

Mrs. Hana Jasenovcova
Head of Guide Dog Training School
Phone: + 420 251 611 154

Mr. Jiri Jezek
Head of National Adaptive Technology Centre
Phone: + 420 221 462 422

Mr. Jiri Reichel
Head of Publishing Department
Phone: + 420 221 462 472

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